Policy Statement

Moral & Spiritual Intervention: All psychomoralitic sessions in person or via media fall under the auspices of moral mentoring and spiritual intervention/direction and thus are by definition and intent not engaged upon the practice of psychology, counseling, or any mental health profession or discipline. As a staunchly NON-DSM discipline and practice, psychomoralitics does not utilize or employ in any shape, way, or form the DSM and/or Mental Health conceptualizations, nosology, terminology, or treatments.

Disclaimer: As a matter of principle and practice, Imago Dei Center and psychomoralitics, et al., repudiates the mental health field and therefore does not study, treat, or engage in any aspect or element of the mental health professions as defined by Federal or State Statute. All therapants involved in the Imago Dei Way or psychomoralitic process are asked to not only assent to this disclaimer, but to recognize and value the diametrically different nature of the Imago Dei Way and psychomoralitic process from that of the mental health professions.

Records & Standards of Strict Confidentiality: As per the sacrosanct nature of the psychomoralitic process all of certified practitioners maintain the very highest degree of confidentiality. Session notes are not formally kept, and those notes that may be kept are only done so on a temporary basis.

Refusal of Hostile Agency: The hallmark of the Imago Dei psychomoralitic's integrity and uncompromising concern for its therapants is its repudiation and forgoing of any form of State Occupational licensure`or control that goes beyond civil and criminal law. Imago Dei and Psychomoralitic practitioners follow the very highest of ethical standards and morality and thus will never act as agents of the State nor breach confidentiality (both of which are mandatory requirements of State licensure if for any reason so ordered, e.g., using archived session notes against a former therapant in hostile legal proceedings such as divorces) and will always put the good of their therapants first and foremost.