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The Institute of Psychomoralitics is a Christian community of both clinicians and therapants, of scholars and disciples, who are engaged in the same human, and more so Christian, vocation to receive-the-real, assent-to-truth, and choose the-good, unto maturation and sanctification. Psychomoral clinicians, then, are tasked to witness to the truth and manifest the good to not only their therapants but, in integrity with this, to the world: That is, they are called to be boldly prophetic. As such, psychomoral practitioners remain in close clinical and Christian communion through regularly scheduled groups and their own personal encounters.

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Program Length: 2 years  
Year 1 Cost Per Credit Hour: $280
Year 2 Cost Per Credit Hour: $140
Total Credits: 36  
Next Start Date: Sept. 2, 2024

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Fall semester core


Seminar I: Philosophical Clinical Psychology

1. Introduction

2. Teleological & Anthropological Basis

3. Epistemological & Moral Basis

Seminar II: Selective Reading

1. Living the Truth (Pieper)

2. Catholic Existential Orientation

Seminar III: Catholic Conceptualization

1. The Spiritual Elements of Psychomoralitics

2. Seven Principles of Psychomoralitics

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Student snapshot

TREY brock

Class of '24

Trey Brock holds an undergraduate degree from Hillsdale College and a master's degree (magna cum laude) in moral theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Trey also has four years' experience as a high school coach in the archdiocese of Detroit.



Dr. Raymundo, a husband and father of six, is a former senior medical director and Wharton MBA alumnus who previously practiced anesthesiology and currently works as a medical consultant specializing in disability. He is a lay Carmelite, spiritual director and host of three Catholic radio shows. Dr. Raymundo also has experience in the deliverance/exorcism ministry and prison ministry.  



Roberto, a husband and father of three (and grandfather of four), is a retired police sergeant and detective who also served 11 years as an ordained Catholic deacon. With more than two decades of service with the San Antonio Police Department and more than one decade of service with the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Roberto is also a published author of sixteen novels. 

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