Restoring the Image of God in Individuals, Marriages, & Families


About Soul-deep science

This clinical science conceptualizes restoring the image of God, or the regaining of mental health, as enabling a therapant to perceive, receive, reflect upon, and act upon the real. Psychomoralitics is the interventive science of the soul. Strictly speaking then, the psychomoralitic could be considered akin to the psychologic or psychiatric in their literal meaning as "of the science of the soul" and "of the healing of the soul."


Soul Deep Science

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Dr. G.C. Dilsaver | Founder, Institute of Psychomoralitics

Complete bio


Rev. Anthony Jelinek | Spiritual Director, Legion of Mary for Lake County (IL)


Rev. Walter Guzman | Pastor, St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church (PA)

board member

Rev. Thomas Nelson | National Director, Institute on Religious Life

board member

Rev. Anthony Mastroeni | Former Professor of Moral Theology, Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University

ecclesial advisor

Abbot Philip Anderson | Superior, Our Lady of Clear Creek Monastery (OK)

I would strongly recommend this form of spiritual direction to anyone who needs help in their lives and I cannot vouch for its effectiveness enough.
Young woman
Dr. Dilsaver gives guidance in an endeavor of the soul that seeks truth and reality through the abnegation of ego and its false self.
Single father
Through the Imago Dei Way, one is enabled to enter into the Cross of Christ so as to partake in His life-giving grace.
Woman entering religious order
The Imago Dei Way has given me a new thrust in my commitment to Christ, to Mary His Mother and to the Church, and not only as a priest but as a man.
Catholic priest
I contacted Dr. Dilsaver after my son had been put on Ritalin ... Following Psychomoralitic spiritual mentoring, my son was off all medication within several months
Single mother