The Crucial Human Vocations

A holistic approach

Dr. G.C. Dilsaver
November 17, 2022
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THE HUMAN PERSON MUST BE ENCOUNTERED and treated holistically to avoid brutalization and harm to some aspect of his personhood. A holistic approach is especially urgent when intervening in the depths of the soul to remedy ego-reactivity and mal-being. For such an intervention to be holistic and integral, it must treat or take into account the four essential human vocations.

Psychomoralitics uniquely addresses the soul-deep psychomoral realm as well as the incarnational realm of mortality and gender. The formation and actualization of these first two vocations takes place primarily within the realm of the familial third vocation, which itself exists within, and is properly facilitated by, the realm of the sociopolitical fourth vocation. A therapant will only achieve deep characterological change when he courageously interacts with others and his milieu.

True and deep remedying of mal-being and achieving of well-being will always have personal, familial, and societal ramifications. Sometimes even prophetic ramifications. However, when a person is taken as an isolated individual "patient" or "client," change remains clinical and necessarily limited.

1) Psychomoral Vocation

The psychomoral vocation entails the human person's call as a seeker of truth and good and beatitude: a rational-volitional being made in imago Dei (i.e., God's image). Here the psychomoral development of the human person is addressed, promoted, and, if necessary, treated according to the timeless Thomistic anthropology of the Church that is found in Psychomoralitics.

2) Incarnational Vocation

The incarnational vocation entails the human person's call as an imago Dei enfleshed. Here man's existential vocation as a mortal being in this “valley of tears” and his human incarnational status as either male or female is explicated and embraced in accord with philosophical truth and physiological givens.

3) Familial Vocation

The familial vocation is based on God-given gender and its ensuing dynamics, especially as per wife-mother and husband-father. Via the familial vocation and in the familial realm, both the preceding psychomoralitic and incarnational vocations unfold essentially. So too, the following fourth vocation is ordered to the familial realm. Thus the family is properly given primacy in the education and formation of the human person.

4) Sociopolitical Vocation

The sociopolitical vocation is as a member of the community of families and the secular political body via personhood and family. The sociopolitical is properly ordered toward the well-being of the individual and the family. The sociopolitical order, according to the principles of subsidiarity, begins with the grassroots community of families and extends therefrom.

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